Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stamp of the Month Blog Hop - Good Times!

It's that time again!  Time to Hop around and see all the great artwork that consultants created with September's Stamp of the Month - Good Times!  You should be coming from Melissa's Blog, if not, keep hopping and you will make a complete circle.


Here is the stamp set:  
(The red lines around some of the stamps means that our new Cricut Cartridge cuts that shape and then you can stamp the image on it!!!)

Here is the card I made:

 I used Sparkles for the center of the flower and the corner of the card.  
Paper flowers and a little ribbon to finish it off.

My daughter started Kindergarten this week so I created 
a tag with all of her information on it so she will get on the right bus!  
It's her first time riding!

 Here's her backpack!
Leave a message and then go hop over to Shannon's Blog  to see more great work by her!
Thanks for looking!


  1. Happy Birthday! Very nice card and I love the tag that you made for your daughter.

  2. Very pretty card and I love your daughter's tag

  3. Happy Birthday, Mary! And I smiled at the My Little Pony tag. My daughter would love that.

  4. Great card and I love the luggage tag!

  5. Happy birthday to you! I love how bright and cheery your card is. Hope your DD has a great start to school!

  6. Beautiful card. What a great idea for your daughter!

  7. The Save the Date card is lovely - I can so see this used for a bridal shower! And your daughter's bus tag...BRILLIANT! Have to share that with my customers for next year...or even this year as the kids learn what bus they are on!

  8. Mary, while I love the little tag, forgive me, but I gasped at ALL that personal information about your precious little kindergartender. It worries me that anyone coming across your blog now knows:
    Your child's name, age, bus route, and home address!
    Maybe I'm just a worry-wart, but in this day and age it seems a bit risky. Just concerned for your daughter's safety is all. But cute idea for sure!

  9. I just looked back at the photo of that tag again and realized you also listed your home phone number and your daughter's school and the type of backback she carries. Call me crazy, but I would encourage you to pull this photo from your blog. Sorry to be like this. I'm a mom too and this worries me.

  10. Love the colors of your card and the tag on the backpack is a great idea.

  11. Love your card and I really like the bus tags...I do that with my son. It works so well and I get lots of inquirys about making them for others!


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