Thursday, June 30, 2011

July Stamp of the Month - American Celebration

July - Already!
Can't believe it's that far into the SUMMER!

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This month we have American Celebration Stamp Set (D1458)
Great for the holiday!

This first card I did was simple and with lots of stars. 
 I used a sponge dobber to create circles by making small soft circles.  I then stamped the flag and cut out the pieces and glued them onto the stars.
My second card was a little more, but still lots of stars! 
I did the fire crackers on the bottom and then added the baby stars above. I sponged a little blue from the fire cracker to the stars and around the stars - made it look softer.  The stars are in two colors Crystal blue with Pacifica dobbed here and there on the stamp prior to stamping.  Followed up with some Glitter Glue to make them sparkle - Click the photo to see it bigger! 
Then the red stars where added and I cut out a few of them and used foam squares to make them pop off the card. The celebrate is done the same way.  Glitter Glue is all over the big red stars - the bled a litttle - they still look good once they fully dried.

Now, head over to Carl's Blog to see her great work with this stamp set!
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  1. Your second card is a show stealer! The stars have such wonderful dimension!


  2. Love the "flying" stars! The dimension is awesome...

  3. Love what you did with just stamping. I'm partial to the 2nd card too - lots of dimension really makes this pop.

  4. The first card is cute, quick, and easy, and the second one is a firecracker! Too cute!

  5. I am amazed at you cutting out the flag! WOW! Both are super cards!!

  6. Very creative and nice work as always!


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