Friday, May 29, 2009

For the Troops!

I have a co-worker that just left to go back and serve. He was called away from his wife and 2 little ones about a month ago. Just this week we all got a group update from him telling us were he is and how he is doing. I've seen so many sites doing cards to send to people in the troupes so I asked him what his thoughts were about me heading up one of these mass shipping of cards and this is what he emailed me back:

"They will be given to the soldiers who don't get much mail. Mail call is always a highlight to the day, everyone here likes getting cards and anything really in the mail, it kinda makes you forget how far away from home you really are. If that makes any sense."

So, I was wondering if there is anyone who would like to make a card or two and would like to donate them to my box that I want to send to the troupes - if you are interested please post here or email me privately.

Thanks for reading :)

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