Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Stamp of the Month - Chairs to You

We are hopping again!

You should be coming from Tamytha's Blog, if not, keep hopping and you'll make a complete circle.

This month the stamp set is a fun furniture set called Chairs to You - D1456 - you can get it free on my web page with a qualifying order or you can purchase it.

I love these types of stamps!  You can stamp onto different pattern papers to make the patterns part of the furniture or you can do like I did and use our great markers and color them in!

So, I did a little play on words with the "One of a kind firend"
Using plain chairs and one fancy chair.
I colored in all the chairs and then layered a second layer of the petal pieces so that they stand out.
Here is the inside. 
I added the flower above the "!" and colored the chair with a water brush.
I cut it out and added it to the card for a pop of color.
Close up of the flower chair.
Here's all the markers I used.
I also used Lovely Lace C1297 for the corner lace on the front of the card.
If you click on the photos they should get bigger.

Now hop over to Georgia's Blog for some more great ideas for these stamps!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Balloon Fun

 Jeanie remembered a babysitter who helped her make a paper mache' balloon and asked us if we would do it with her.  We took flour and water and created a paste and here we are making it.
The start of a paper mache' ball! Jeanie has a tattoo on her arm (it comes off) and of course her hands are totally full of the paste. 
 She loves to get her hands dirty, and her clothes too!
 The paste was a little lumpy. I had to help smooth it all out and get dirty too!
Good thing this washes off easily. 

The funny thing about the balloon project was when we were done, we let it dry sitting on a cup.  The next day I noticed the part inside the cup didn't dry so I turned it over.  The next night we heard noises from the kitchen while Gary and I were watching a movie.  We couldn't find out what was the noise at first.  It made 3 load cracking noises before we found out what was making the noise. Then I noticed the balloon was blowing up inside the paper and cracking the paper mache' off the balloon!! Gary took it outside and popped it!  We were laughing really hard. 

I've never seem paper mache' go bad - must be the flour in it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrate Easter

 Here is a banner I did for church a few weeks ago.  I've been busy but I've remembered to take pictures.  Just haven't had time to post! The hubby is hiding behind the banner - we haven't done our hair, just finished the banner.
 Here is the before picture - clean yellow banner I warned church it was gonna be neon!
 Here is what the Easter Lilies look like cut out of paper.  I like to do a test run on things I haven't tried before.  I layered the flowers in white onto the green. I was scared the white wouldn't cover or I wouldn't be able to line up the leaves but it worked out pretty good.
 Here is the base for the flowers all done in green. 
The flowers will have an outline of green around them.

A close up of the flowers!  I think they turned out really good! 
Let me know what you think.


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