Monday, January 31, 2011

Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!

You should be coming from Annette Green's blog, if you're not, that's ok, keep hopping and you'll make a complete circle.  This stamp can be yours free or at a discount depending on your order in February - (click here for details)

This month's stamp set is called FRIENDSHIP (D1453)

This stamp set would be great for making backgrounds for all your projects, so I decided to do something different and make it more the center of attention:
 I used Crystal Blue and Black Cardstock.  The card is 6 x 6. I stamped the image in Daisy White Pigment ink, heated with a heat gun.  Using our colored pencils I colored in the image leaving a little white showing on all the edges.
 With a White pigment pen I added dots and a few lines.  Then comes the bling!  I added pink, blue and green sparkles on a lot of the circles that are in the stamp artwork.
The photos don't do it justice, it shimmers and looks a lot richer in person.
Now head over to Toni Hinchcliffe's blog to see more great work with this stamp!  Thanks for looking - leave comments on everyone's blog.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Design Studio Meets Spongebob & Gang!

I promised Jeanie for her birthday I would make cutouts of Spongebob and the gang to decorate the house.  These will be great for showing at classes but I think I would fair better by just putting them on her bedroom wall after the party and make more later.  The picture below is how I laid several colors of paper down on the mat at the same time so I could cut more than one at a time.  I have Lilac Mist in the corner, red, white and black for the base. I could see on the screen where I placed the pieces so I knew where to put the paper and how big.
 When using layering cartridges like this you need to cut the base first and then layer the colors on top.
 Here's Patrick the starfish, then I added eyes, and mouth parts.  The black becomes the "black outline" around the colors.
 The base has all the lines so you know how and where to lay all the pieces - the bad part is, the cuts also make the base a little flimsy.
 his pants flowers.
 I love how the little holes are cut out instead of having to add a little black dot!
 love those pants!  Citrus Leaf and Lilac Mist cardstock!
 Spongebob himself!
 When it came to Gary the snail, I reduced his size so he fit, but the machine wouldn't line up when cutting out the shape itself.  First it cuts all the details inside and then cuts the outer edge.  Every time it never met up at the end (see picture above) 5 cuts later I just used one and you can see Gary below, his bottom colors don't line up. I think it's because there is a line going around the shape that extend outside the cutting area, but the cuts didn't extend beyond the cutting area - think this cartridge has a flaw.
 Squidward above, Gary below
 The blue and green don't match the base on Gary.
And angry Plantain!  Thanks for looking.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jeanie's 5th Birthday Cake

 The start of building a cake!  I took a double size pan (13 x 21) and made 2 cake mixes to fill it. Gary and I cut the top and bottom off and used the pieces to create feet and hands as well as shoulders and pant legs.  The bad part about cut cake is you can't frost the cut sides very well without a ton of frosting. It just comes off with lots of crumbs.
 I'm not a Cake Boss, but I think I free-handed the face pretty good. Gary and I both filled in the colors.  The yellow frosting is butter cream colored yellow.  The brown is brownie topping in a tube that you can put a tip on for decorating.  Same with the red, blue and white.
We cleaned up the base after these pictures where taken. I was looking at a coloring book picture of him to do his face.  His arms and legs are yellow licorice - you can get a bag of colorful licorice, but they don't taste the greatest.
Gary put it on top of the cabinet way above the refrigerator where we HOPE the kitty can't reach.  All I would need is cat prints in it.  The party isn't until Sunday so one more day of hiding up there.  I covered it with clear wrap because the frosting harden and won't stick to the frosting.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More T-Ball - 8x10 Photo

Sorry my photos aren't cropped and you can see the phone cord above. But I have always loved this layout and couldn't wait to put a 8 x 10 photo in that box!  I picked Jeanie hitting the ball for the main photo.
The little blue stripes around the page are paper and a brad in the corners - these are on both pages.

 I put a ring of diamonds around the ball so that you can't miss it blurring out of the picture. She hit it! Jeanie was pretty good at throwing and hitting.
There is diamonds on the MVP too.

 All Star Hitter was done on MTC I added stars to the basic letters.
More diamonds on the right page to tie them together.  Hope you like it.  I'm planning on getting more layouts done for Jeanie this year.  I have too many blank layouts without photos on them!

Monday, January 17, 2011

T-Ball Summer 2010

My daughter tried T-Ball this summer and loved it.  I found these layouts and put the photos together.
I made the cleats on MTC.  The "P" above is the logo they had on their baseball caps.  Each team was given a major league's logo and matching YMCA T-shirt. Jeanie and her cousin were the Pirates.
 Here she is running the bases.  I did the glove, the P, and the ball all on MTC.  Even the words were done on MTC.  I enlarged the shadow feature until it encircled the whole word and made a large "cloud" around the word "SUMMER".
 T-Ball was done the same way with the shadow feature and I welded the letters in "Ball" so not so many little pieces to glue.
 Jeanie saw me doing this layout and can't wait for this year's league. (The large clip on the top of the layouts are there because I have them hanging on the wall with my CTMH clip boards.  I'm showing off my work.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Calendar Notebook

 I designed my own calendar notebook this year so that it's exactly what I want.  It took a lot of printing and collating but I think it turned out perfect.  I made the covers by doubling up chip board and covering them with our Cherry O paper (discontinued - way too fast - loved this paper) I'm not done decorating the front, but what ever I do, it's gotta last a whole year!
 This is the inside of the front cover.  I used a Stickease for my name plate.  I have lined sheets (just a few) first.
 Then there is a one page calendar showing the whole month at a glance. 
That way I know quickly if my day is open or not.
 Next is a week on 2 pages - half on the top and half on the bottom - I took a picture of a more blank page because I have people's phone numbers on other pages.  Each day has several lines for signing people up for whatever class I'm holding.  I have blank lines at the top for the dates, times, and description of the class. Plus I have my standard 3 classes for the Cricut written in and a Card Workshop - so I just circle the one for that day. So each day has enough room to hold a class or a lot of notes.
These photos are upside down/sideways - in the back I have more blank lines for notes and to dos. (The book functions in landscape mode mostly.)  This page is what I want from the new catalog!  My Wish List!!
 The last section is blank white paper.  I like to draw out ideas and this gives me space to do so.

I used my Bind-It-All to hole punch and bind it together.  I only write in pencil just case I need to erase something. I created the tabs a while ago in MTC for my sponges (see my blog post under tips).  I have tab for each month and section in the colors of the Cherry-O paper!

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 7, 2011

For the Dogs

As this posts, I'm setting up for my weekend retreat, so I scheduled some things to post while I'm gone to keep you company.  I found this picture and remembered I did a few things I forgot to post prior to Christmas.  I did 11 vinyl projects with my friend Teri and her daughter Melissa and forgot to take pictures!

Patti came over and needed a picture frame dressed up for a Christmas present.  I took out some Silver and Black vinyl and added the puppies names and HAPPY TAILS to the frame. Quick and easy but turned out pretty good.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Organized the Paper

I used to have labels that were taped onto the front of these so I decided to dress them up and update the names with our new colors!

 Each Group has its own container and they are in order like we have them in our catalogs.
 Here's the other half of the seasons - I didn't photograph the Basic Collection, but it's done too.

I went on to reorganize my stamps.  I had 3 of these three drawer plastic shelving units that the hubby took apart and created wood shelves to slide the drawers into.  The plastic unit couldn't hold the weight of anything so the wood works wonderfully! 5 of the drawers are for stamps, they are grouped by color and in alphabetical order!  Some day I'll put photos of the whole room on here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being Watched on the Internet!




That's my laptop that I work on for everything and that's my kitty Fluffy Jr. (daughter named her) staring at me from behind.  She hides back there and sleeps because it warm.  My computer is furry!

Jeanie saw the pictures and asked if I put her in a box and sawed her in half - what kids think of.

CTMH Inspiration for January

Need Inspiration?  You've come to the right place!

From January 1st – January 31st, when you purchase a new Close To My Heart Wings Workshops on the Go kit for $29.95, it opens the door for you to participate in three exciting promotions. With the purchase of the Wings Workshops on the Go (WOTG) kit you can choose any or all of the following:

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 2. Get the January Stamp of the Month set, Find Your Style, at a discount or free by purchasing new Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book products as follows:

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You can also earn the January Stamp of the Month with your purchases from the Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book following the standard Stamp of the Month program based on dollar totals rather than item totals. Mix and match new products from the Inspirations brochure and products from the Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book, and we will automatically calculate the greatest savings between the standard program and this promotion for you to get the best deal possible!

3. Celebrate National Papercrafting Month in January with a My Creations® banner project. Simply purchase a My Creations® Banner (Z1378) and you will be able to make the project with the remaining supplies from the Wings Workshops on the Go™ kit and the E-size Bohemian Alphabet stamp set. The how-to instructions are included with the Wings Workshop kit exclusively through the month of January.

Click here so you can view the Inspirations Brochure to see all the wonderful items you can get at a discount with purchase of the Wings WOTG kit.

Contact me to order today or click here!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Awsome Start in 2011!

I'm messy, unorganized and usually living dangerously close to my deadlines!

Doesn't sound like me???  Well, lots of times I leave things go to the last possible minute and then end up scrambling and stressing out me, the family and everyone around me because I just don't plan things like I should - BUT NOT TODAY!

My 4 year old decided to paint in the kitchen for 1/2 the day, Daddy watched the game and started a great dinner - giving me HOURS of uninterrupted free time to get some very necessary things done.

Both projects for my weekend Retreat are all cut, bagged and packed; (pictures coming later)
All the goody bags are stuffed and waiting for candy and a ribbon closure; (pictures coming later)
Projects for me to do over the weekend are packed;


 Each grouping above is a set of layouts (samples) and cutting guides all ready to go for each class!
 Above is a sample of one class and all the layouts that we do in one night! (This is 5 sets or 10 pages)
 Here is one set of pages - we do 5 or 6 sets per night (that's 10 of 12 pages) I love the tabs and how this paper turned out - with our papers being two sided - it's hard to make a bad layout!
 My classes are around $15 and I usually throw in a little something extra.  Also, I show you how to add True Fit Folios, Flip Flaps and other moving items into your pages!
 Love this paper too - too bad it's discontinued   :(

Now to work on a few months of Card Workshops - one is done :)


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