Monday, March 30, 2009

Sneak Peek - Oak Creek Club Layouts

Ok, no peeking if you are in my Oak Creek Club - We are doing some different types of layouts this month. Instead of just paper, I've incorporated our plastic photo storage pages and created little books! I think it turned out pretty good.
I know the photos are not the greatest but you'll get the idea (I hope) photos on the fly is what I'm doing lately. I'm running to the store to make a big picture to go inside. I'm blowing one up big enough to cover all three inserts - so when you flip open the pages, one large photo covers all. I have the front and the back decorated and I did left and right pages so that you get use out of all sides of the plastic photo storage page.
Here is one page flipped open (above) and all three open below - the large photo will extend over all three blue areas on the right. And with the neat trick of cutting up one of the photo protectors you can cover the flaps so little fingers don't wreck the page and makes it really sturdy!
Here is the backside and the next layout so that you use all sides of the photo protector. We made 12 layouts (6 - two page sets). This is just a base page workshop. The ladies will put photos and embellish later.
And I bet you thought all I did was cards. This technique was featured on CTMH TV - if you go to my website you can see this and many other projects on CTMH TV. The current project supplies can be purchased for 20%!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Unit Meeting Swap Card

Monocrome Card - same color family was the theme and we used a card layout from the Orignials book. So all the cards were pretty much the same layout, but the stamps and colors were your choice. Here is my card. I used Daisy White and Colonial White. The stamped flowers is the Colonial White pigment ink we have - loved how it turned out. I used foam squares to give it height. I sewed down the middle of the ribbon and pulled one of the strings to pucker it and glued it down with liquid glass. I think it would be great for a wedding card - what do you think? Too plain?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Over the Weekend - Training

So, I'm trying to get a ton of things made for my Craft Fair coming up in April - I have only 30+ cards made, and a few 3D projects. So expected to work the weekend away when Friday night I got a call from one of my downline asking me to come with a project for her to do for her club. I came up with a mini album (I've done these in the past a year or so ago) that can stand up or lay flat on a table. I did a few for the craft fair. This photo is the album opened and laying flat.

This is opened and standing up - it is like a criss cross pattern with the pages!

So I was able to come up with a project and supply her with all the product she needs to make ten of them. Can you say SMALL STORE in my office!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Panic! Their Discontinued!!!

We had our Unit Meeting today and we dicussed the fact that the Coluzzle Cutting System was discontinued and you can't even get replacement blades!!! So this evening I went to the local craft store to see if they had blades - they had something better - a new knife from The Paper Studio that swivels 360 degrees like the Coluzzle knife. So I picked one up and tried and it works great! I'll continue to use my Coluzzles until the blades are no longer useable and then change to this new knife. Completely apart. The black thing is the blade - it's got some weight to it!
Looks just like the tip on a Coluzzle and works the same!

The new one is heavier and has a green rubber grip - making it easier to work with and comes with 2 extra blades. It has a cap like a pen cap. Maybe CTMH will pick these up and sell them!?!?

Monday, March 16, 2009

The KiKis Are GONE!

It was black Friday at our house last week Friday. My 3 year old went to her denist appointment with daddy and found out that her half dozen pacifiers were wrecking her teeth (and yes, Mom you were right - we should have lisened to you) I took her 6 months ago and they weren't that bad - I was told to get rid of them prior to her big teeth coming in (a year or 2 from now) but that all changed Friday! She looked like she was going to implode when I told her she couldn't have them at bedtime. She turned white and then red - I felt terrible for her. But, it's been a week and she's sleeping thru the night. I know Friday night she woke up looking for one and then relized she didn't have any and I heard a little crying. Breaks my heart. I promised her every toy at the store and I would have given her a car if she'd just go to bed that first night!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wedding Shower Card

This is for an upcoming wedding shower. I did the wedding invites on my Cricut machine. We used some expensive purple paper that shimmers for the invites and this is leftovers for the shower card. I used Garden Green and Vanilla Cream cardstock. There's a heart shape punch in the corner.

Here's a better picture to show off the shimmer of the purple paper. We ordered the paper special from a Mill. The edges are sponged with Pansy Purple ink and it matches really well.

The stamps are Thoughts of You and You're Invited (retired). I'll post the wedding invite soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More for the Fair

Modified Weeds!

When this stamp set came out I called it my set of weed stamps (Treasure Life - Stamp of the month last year - I have extras if interested in purchasing a set!) now try and tell me they didn't look like weeds - well, I saw someone adjusted this flower by adding hearts to make it a great valentine's day card. So I scraplifted the idea too. I put the holiday red cardstock onto foam squares and raised it - looked better than just flat on the card.

The hearts are from the Solo O stamp set. There is 2 sizes on that set! Also, I used holiday red ink and baby pink.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Love Markers!

Coloring once again!
What can I say, I love playing with my CTMH Markers. Here I used Baby Pink for the little roses and outlined the edges with Watermelon. The center flower is filled in with Sunny Yellow and then outlined in Sunflower to give it an orange tint. Leaves are colored with Clover Meadow.

I have Baby Pink ribbon, Watermelon cardstock. The green B&T is from SweetPea paper kit. The stamp set is from Solo Y stamp set.

Craft Fair Cards

Some things I'm working on for a craft fair in April:
Here is a card I did 3 of them for my craft fair. I used Cranberry cardstock, crystal blue cardstock, daisy white cardstock, clover meadow ink and our buttons for the flowers. The hardest part was threading all the buttons (I made 3 cards = 15 buttons). The stamp set for the stems is Dainty (which is a discontinued set) there is several other stamp sets that have stems and easy to substitute. I sewed around the cranberry base on two of them and then decided I like it better plain.


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